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I had this dress that ripped, and my mom said she would fix it. It turns out that the dress was too old and the material was too thin, and every time she tried to fix it it would rip again. I really don’t need a new dress, I have dozens, but my mother is always trying to buy me new things.

I agreed to my Mother’s proposition of buying me a new dress under one condition, that she and I have a phone call while she shops (she was currently snow birding in Florida, while I was in Montreal). She looked at four dresses. I asked her to describe each one in excruciating detail. She did, and it took four hours to go through all the dresses. My mother is a very patient, wonderful person.

With the inspiration of this, I created this really huge drawing depicting one of the dresses my mother was looking at. I dissected the image of the dress in to 200 squares, and drew each on a piece of 8.5 by 11 inch paper. The dress is 20 by 9 feet.

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