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2017 - 2019         Goldsmiths, University of London, MFA, London, United Kingdom 

2013 - 2014         Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Fine Arts exchange, Jerusalem, Israel

2011 -  2015        Concordia University, BFA, Montreal, Canada    


Solo Exhibitions

2025          (upcoming) Sismógrafo, Porto, Portugal 

2022          Residual Yeast, Gossamer Fog, London, United Kingdom

2021          MR.BIG, Verticale Artist Run Center, Laval, Canada

2019          Life Models, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London, England

2018          Computers Don’t Eat Sugar to Make More Computers, Shoreline, London, England 

2016          First is Food For Food, The Young Artists Association, Budapest, Hungary

                  With a Deep Breath, L Open Studios, Budapest, Hungary

                  The Independent Republic of the Bulge in the Hallway, Drawward Project, Montreal, Canada                 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023          (upcoming) ASMR Apocalypse, curated by Lorenzo Csontos, Mercie, Brussels, Belgium 

                  BLOODSPORT, curated by Doron Beuns and Isabelle van Manen, Amsterdam, Netherlands

                  Falling off the Face of the Earth, Trauma Bar Und Kino, Berlin, Germany

                  Acoustic Tunnel, The Crypt Gallery, London, England

2022          No Smoke Without ____, Hypha Studios, London, England

                  SYMBIOSIS, Kocido Studio performance, Venue MOT, London, England

2021          The Heat Treatment, Norsk Teknisk Museum, Norway, Oslo

2019          Degree Show, Goldsmiths, University of London, England 

                  Whale Fall, Gossamer Fog, London, England

2018          Artworks Open, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London, England 

                  Gold X, Deptford X Fringe Festival, London, England

                  Soulja/Shelter Festival, Helsinki, Finland

2017          Gallery of Alberta Media Arts, Arts Commons, Calgary, Canada 

                  Nuit Rose, Toronto, Canada

                  Overflow, Studio XX, Montreal, Canada

2016          Graduation Exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Montreal, Canada 

                  Tactile Museum, Eastern Bloc Artist Center, Montreal, Canada  

                  Playing with Food, Articule Artist Centre, Montreal, Canada 

2015          Rufus Stone, Tachbrook Market, London, England

                  Loop, Eastern Bloc artist center, Montreal, Canada



2022          The Heat Treatment, VITRINE Gallery, London, England

2019          Tactical Meditations, Un/Green Naturally Artificial Intelligence RIXC Festival, Latvian 

                  National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia 

2015          Small Leaves, Michigan City Film Festival, Michigan, United States

2015          Funnel Consumption, Nothing is Right, Skol artist center, Montreal, Canada 



2023          No Smoke Without ____ , Performance Evening, London, England

2020          SlipStream, fundraiser on TwitchTV, international

2018          We surrounded them and routed their fighters in short order…., Deptford X, London, England 

2016          Power Plant, Skol Artist Center, Montreal, Canada 



2023          (upcoming) Performing Arts Forum (PAF), Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, France

2020          Live or Buy, Praksis, Oslo, based out of Norway

2017          Taleamor Park, La Porte, Indiana, United States 

2016          Vermont Studio Center, Burlington, United States 

                  L Open Studios, Budapest, Hungary

                  NES Artist Residency, Skagaströnd, Iceland

                  Taleamor Park, La Porte, Indiana, United States 

2015          Rufus Stone Residency, Dorset, U.K


Awards and Grants

2023          New Frontiers in Research Fund, Canada

2022          Awesome Foundation Grant, New York City, United States

2022          Elephant Trust Grant, London, United Kingdom

2022          Canadian Council for the Arts Project Grant, Canada

2021          Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant, Alberta, Canada

2020          COVID Arts Grant, Arts Council England, London, United Kingdom

2018          Juried exhibition second place award, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London, United Kingdom 

2017-         MFA Merit Award: a partial fee waiver awarded to three of sixty students each year

2019          Goldsmiths, University of London, London, United Kingdom 

2015          Concordia Student Union and Fine Arts Students Alliance Travel Grants, Montreal Canada

                  Cecil Buller-John J.A. Murphy Scholarship for Drawing, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

                  Academy of Art Video Art 2015 Gala Video award, Montreal, Canada


Reviews of Work, Publications and Podcasts

2023          KUA 跨, “Can I bring my SCOBY on the Plane?” Print. March 2023.

2023          LVL3 Artist of the Week Interview, LVL3. Online. February 2023.

2023          Martin Mayorga, “No Smoke Without _____”, Coeval Magazine. Online. January 2023.

2022          Fite-Wassilak, Chris. “Bianca Hlywa: Residual Yeast”, Art Monthly. Print. November 2022.

2022          Kirkali, Deniz. “Bianca Hlywa 'Residual Yeast' Gossamer Fog / London”, Flash Art. Web. September 2022.

2022          Jeffreys, Tom, “Critics Pick” (for solo show Residual Yeast), ArtForum. Web. September 2022.

2022          KUA 跨 , Chisenhale and Delfina supported publication. Print. 

2021          Frederic Lavoie, “Bianca Hlywa - MR.BIG”, Verticale. Web. 2021.

2021          Barron, Laurie, Dateagle Interview and Studio Visit, Web. 22 Mar 2022.

2020          Hlywa, Bianca, “Growing SCOBY in Inappropiate Context'', Learned Pig. Web. 13 July 2020.

2018          Candace Tayler, “A Yankee Chef’s Southern Habitat”, Wall Street Journal. 25 April 2018. 

2016          As.iZ Magazine, Launch Issue. Print. August 2016.

2015          “Submission Friday” SFMOMA Art On the Go. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Web. 

2013          Dorota Kozinska, “Youth Takes Flight” Vie des Arts. 20 Dec 2013, 51.

Artist Talks

2022          Berlin Art Institute, Berlin, Germany

2022          Residual Yeast, Gossamer Fog, London, England

2021          Cooper Union Climate Coalition

2018          Life Models, Global Control, RIXC Festival, Riga, Latvia

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