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13. Orbital Shakes video still, 2022.jpg
Goose 1.jpg

Stills from Orbital Shakes 

Orbital Shakes is a short video that documents turkeys eating SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacterial Yeast), alongside interactions of other birds. Filmed at the Bird Gardens of Scotland, the background noise captures the adjacent highway.

Orbital Shakes was shown in the solo exhibition 'Residual Yeast' which happened at Gossamer Fog in 2022. The exhibition was written about in Art MonthlyFlash Art and was critics pick in Art Forum. The video was exhibited with The Fairest in 'Falling Off the Face of the Earth' at Trauma Bar Und Kino in Berlin and with 'BLOODSPORT' curated by Doron Beuns and Isabelle van Manen in Amsterdam in 2023. 



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