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"Who will be the gainer when death calls him to the last account- the man who can say 'I have lived?' or the man who can say 'I have saved'? To gain all the meat from the nut of life is the essence of wisdom. Therefore, eat, drink and be merry- tomorrow you die"

- L. Frank Baum 1856-1919 (Author of Wizard of Oz)


In light of L. Frank Baums advice I created a competition where participants aimed to eat all the meat from the bone of a chicken wing. This is rather difficult to do with chicken wings, seeing as a lot of chicken sticks to the bone, as seen in picture below. 

I thought that the winner of the event would have the cleanest bone, but the participants took the competition to a different level and the winner ate 12 chicken wings including the bones (top right video)











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